What is the story with Rega Appolo?

It’s time to upgrade my source - Toshiba SD 9200. I was considering Rega Apollo, but overall score for this player on www.audioreview.com is not very high and I see a lot of units being sold on the used market. That seems strange for a 2 year model.
On the used market, you'll save about $400. If you go new, you can try it in your system. I opted for the later, and paid $100 off of retail (dealer gave me a slight discount). I went to three different dealers and tried three different players over the course of the same week. The Apollo was the clear winner. Good detail, clean highs, although top loading is a little weird. If you buy right on the goN, you'll be able to resell for about what you paid. The negative comments by the people above were probably in reference to an Appolo - I am not familar with that ;)
have you auditioned the apollo? if you like the rega sound, the an used Jupiter2000 would be a better deal...
The Apollo has been great for me. I did not care for the previous Planet and Jupiter editions and passed both up when I worked at a Rega dealer and could get a bit off the price. I bought the Apollo last year, happily paying full price and have been very impressed with its sound.
All the Rega players have had good reviews over the years. They experience backlash because of that. Look at any popular brand, McIntosh, Krell and you'll find plenty of negative reviews. Read the professional reviews and you'll find across the board positive on most of these brands' products.
I am very satisfied with the Rega Apollo and this is after a year and a half of ownership. I have used the Apollo in the same system with a SONY SCD555ES sacd player (an A rated Stereophile player) and have AB'd the two players on occasion and the Apollo's sound was preferable with redbook playback. I am not quite sure what peoples' expectations are with the Apollo or what/ if they are actually comparing it to in a side by side shoot-out. What other UK made player is better at the $1100 mark? Note: I own quite a bit of Chinese made electronics, but I also realize that comparing prices from the two is like comparing apples and oranges. A fairer comparison might be what $600 Chinese made cd player is better than the Apollo?

Regards, Rich