What is the sweetest sounding tube amp.

What is the sweetest sounding tube amp $2000 to $3000 range or what is the sweetest sounding tubes I like sweet luscious sound I have a RM9 tube amp now with EL34,S now. I can use KT88,S but i was told 34,s are sweeter.I have demoed a 300b amp by golden tube audio wich was better but i want more. The input tubes on my RM9 were 6dj8.s I swtched to sovetec witched helped alot but i need a sweeter sound
Alot depends on the speakers you need to drive. In my opinion, a SET amp using Type 45 triodes is the sweetest sounding setup of all, but it only has about 2 watts per channel. As a generality, a single-ended amp will be "sweeter" than a push-pull amp. But again, usually that means lower power. If you want "sweeter" than a push-pull EL-34 amp, you about have to go single-ended. This means very efficient speakers, if you want good SPL.
Cary Rocket 88 and V12i are as close as Dennis could get to his best SET sound with PP amps. Having had both, I can say thet the Rocket is slightly sweeter than the V12i, but fell behind on dynamics in my system. It was a case of too much/inefficient speaker(B&W N804) and not enough watts.