What is the VERY BEST CD album you've ever heard?

Just like with records, I came across releases on CD that were never popular, but bring lots of interesting music and so I started collecting CDs that do have collectible value for the reason of a great and rare music presented.

So far album "Sauce Hollandaise" by Ashra is on my #1 desirable list

"Best Band You've Never Heard In Your Life" by Frank Zappa is my 2nd best CD I've ever heard. 



@ czarivey    Where is "rock" identified as a qualifier?  ... by who's definition?

@ tylermunns   Blues is not pop, classical or jazz; many of the artists mentioned are not "pop," and do not fit cleanly in one of your three grossly oversimplified categories of music.

+1 for It's a Beautiful Day

King Crimson, "Starless and Bible Black"

Ane Brun : “How beauty holds the hand of sorrow” , Yello :  “Touch” , Mari Boine: ”The best of” ,…

The Beatles Releases from 1965 through 1969 were so far ahead of their time that the were revolutionary. Rubber Soul, Revolver, The White Album or Abbey Road. They certainly had a few pop songs, but so much of their music was not pop at all and the boys were capable of Rocking.They even bordered folk.

@kb673 I beg to differ.  
As I said, it’s all pop. It’s all rooted in “Rock N’ Roll,” which is popular music. Pop.  
Blues is absolutely pop. So is country.  
That’s “Rock N’ Roll.” (with a bit of gospel thrown in there)
Songs with a verse, a chorus. Repeat. Some sort of middle section. Repeat.  
Pop. All the same s**t, just different flavors.

You’re just thinking of “pop” in the terms that record companies, radio stations and media marketing schemes have sold you as “different genres.”  
The better to take your money with.  

If you want to accept a marketing scheme as objective reality as far as delineating, segregating and categorizing music goes, that’s your prerogative.  
If you want to just swallow these marketing labels that were made up to give certain businesses more money, go nuts, friend.

I prefer to just listen to music and decide for myself if I like it. You know…with my own ears. 

You’re also free to define what “pop” is, and how it is in any way useful to sit around and say:  
“no, no, that’s not rock and roll, that’s pop…no, no, that’s not metal, that’s stoner rock…no, no, that’s not reggae l, that’s ska…no, no, that’s not punk, that’s hardcore…”