What is the VERY BEST CD album you've ever heard?

Just like with records, I came across releases on CD that were never popular, but bring lots of interesting music and so I started collecting CDs that do have collectible value for the reason of a great and rare music presented.

So far album "Sauce Hollandaise" by Ashra is on my #1 desirable list

"Best Band You've Never Heard In Your Life" by Frank Zappa is my 2nd best CD I've ever heard. 



You are wellcome. Just listened the entire cd yesterday evening with a friend. The solo on the drums is wonderfull in the WASP track.

PS : Jim Morisson rest in peace in Paris. His grave is at Père Lachaise cemetery with lot of flowers.

LOL on the Beatles debate.  

Ask: Who are the greatest of all rock bands?  

I do believe the Beatles would be on the list.  

I just read Tylermunn's post about Glenn Gould and have downloaded his collection on Youtube.Is this a fairly good quality sound? Thank you Sorry to go "out there",but,to me Grand Funk Railroad's "On Time" has some amazing passages-the guitar crossing over from one channel to the other for example.I think this is my first podt for some time,so I hope I'm doing it in the approved manner