What is this Beatles UHQR Collection?

Posting in the hope that someone can give me the skinny on this Beatles UHQR collection I lately chanced on. Can’t find anything in the way of the details. https://ibb.co/F6QZBtT


These were Beatles LPs issued by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab:

THE BEATLES Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Extremely rare 1982 US 13-track limited edition UHQR Audiophile 12" box set containing a Japanese pressed 180gm High Definition Super Vinyl LP in a unique individually numbered picture sleeve,atechnical specifications manual & a numbered & signed by the President of MFSL Certificate of Authenticity MFQR1-100)

I bet they sound great. To bad I’ve gone digital.  But I have purchased all the Giles Martin remastered/remixed Beatles albums and I am impressed with all of them!

They were premium, deluxe editions of MoFi albums re-issued on premium vinyl.

Awfully expensive.

Awful sounding.

I haven't heard any UHQR that sounded better than the regular Mo-Fis, a low bar but still the standard for comparison.

The only Beatles UHQR ever made was Sgt Pepper (form Mofi) in the early 80s. I also have the Beatles collection box set on Mofi (which has every US released album included). Although the Sgt Pepper album within the collection is the traditional Mofi and sounds excellent, the UHQR is immediately definitely better in every respect. I rarely play it though...just on special occasions because it is worth so much. It's the only record I have two different issues of....if I get a better one I sell the old one. I don't understand the guys (or gals) that keep several versions of the same record if they prefer one over the other. I guess they are "collectors". I just play 'em and unload ones I don't like anymore or can't remember why I ever bought them.

Acoustic Sounds must have worked out some deal to get the rights to the UHQR name (maybe when Mofi went bankrupt in the 90s?) and they have come out with some UHQRs, although they are packaged differently from the original UHQRs. They are competing with Mofi's UD One Steps (Mofi has the same parent company now as Music Direct), which are great.

I can't wait to hear AS' Steely Dan UHQRs. They are coming out sequentially as they were originally released, and I will either get Pretzel Logic or more likely The Royal Scam before getting the essential Aja (unless the first one disappoints, which is highly unlikely). They're kinda pricey ($150 fir 45s), but they're my favorite group, so I'll splurge a little. I am sure there are plenty of "monopoly money" folks who will buy them all. So far, their first 2 albums have been released (Can't Buy a Thrill and Countdown to Ecstasy), but with availability or 20,000 copies, I expect them to be around awhile. They're pressing 30K copies of Aja, but maybe that one will sell out. Good for the economy and Acoustic Sounds. Important to keep these companies healthy for us vinyl fans.