What is up with Audio Research during the pandemic?

I ordered a set of tubes for my ARC Ref 3 line stage on May 4, 2020. So far, no tubes, no tracking number, and no contact initiated by ARC. I did get an email response last week from them saying that they were "... working on getting caught up in the shipping department and have not yet shipped your tubes." This post is not to hassle ARC in the midst of a crisis. My hope is that all there are safe and well. Many "non-essential" businesses are struggling and frankly, I want to do all I can to support them. Music has been a wonderful source of comfort and enjoyment for me, now more than ever. I can wait, but I would feel better if I knew that the ARC folks were doing OK.  
I disagree.  There is something special about tubes from Audio Research.   they not only take the time and expense to got though many tubes to correctly match tubes and make sure they are within the specifications and tolerances that Audio Research demands, but, they also will repair any device that is damaged due to their supplied tubes failing.

Not many tube suppliers will do that.

I do say that Audio Research supplied tubes are way more expensive.  

for my mono power amps, I will not purchase tubes from anywhere but Audio Research in the future.  I thought I would save money by purchasing from a very well known tube supplier in California,  They stated that the tubes were matched and within specifications for my amps and after installing the tubes and adjusting the bias as directed.  a Tube failed spectacularly (I was watching), and it took up some additional circuitry within the amp.  not just a resistor or two.  lots more.

I don't want to get into a debate as to whether it was a design flaw.  It wasn't.

The authorized Audio Research repair service I took them to for repair told me to never purchase tubes from that company because they do not fall within the Audio Research required specifications.  They actually tested all the tubes and measured them and also ordered and measured the new tubes from Audio Research and they were correct.  The tubes from the other tube supplier weren't close to the required Audio Research specs. Even though they were delivered with a statement saying they were.

Expensive lesson for me.

Most companies are severely impacted by this pandemic.  Try to order or purchase a bike now.  Since most (not all) bikes are made in Taiwan or China, there is a serious backlog on orders.

Since many American manufacturers decided they wanted to save money (or be competitive in prices), take your pick, by outsourcing construction and labor in Taiwan or China, this is what happens when that supply chain fails.

Hopefully, most of the companies and more importantly the people will recover when this is passed.  many won't.

ARC, should be fine.  Bad times Now.   Plus look at the Long List of People this State votes for   
Have to give my kudos to the Tube Store... Got shipped nearly immediately and arrived in about 5 days from Canada to Colorado.

Sound quality is improved in every parameter that I can perceive in my ARC RefCD9... I went with all 6 of their middle of the line upgrade and matched tubes and have been totally satisfied and amazed at the improvement over the ARC originals which to be fair may have simply been past their prime.

I also then ordered some tube dampers from Herbies, a tiny shop I'm sure,  and that took about a month but yes they work amazingly well and the delay gave me chance to get the new tubes burnt in a bit as well as be able to compare the differences after installing the dampers... cleaned up the midrange and the bottom end in ways that added clarity without rough edges that can fatigue my ears.
Enjoy the music!