What is wrong with Audiogon Forums?

Over the last few weeks the Audigon forums have been a mess of pages not working and posts not posting or, just as often, double posting. Others have complained as well, including some old timers. I just wrote a fairly long new post that failed to open the page....and all is lost. Hardly worth retyping at this point.

I like this site and the members here have been a great help to me but the reliability issues are getting old and very frustrating. Any way to know when this mess will be resolved?

And maybe it isn't kosher to ask.....but are there other similar audiophile forums? I've never used any other ones but can't see any reason to stay here if the site doesn't function half the time.

An autosave feature would go a long way to ameliorating the problems.

One of the bugs that really irks me is the @ function. I like to alert members who post on a thread and this function rarely works.

Had a heck of a time getting here but now that I know its not my computer I'll check back periodically to see if things get back to normal.  Until they are, I'm out!
Hey Guys,

We are aware of this problem and hope to have this fixed sometime this week. Stay tuned.