What is wrong with Audiogon Forums?

Over the last few weeks the Audigon forums have been a mess of pages not working and posts not posting or, just as often, double posting. Others have complained as well, including some old timers. I just wrote a fairly long new post that failed to open the page....and all is lost. Hardly worth retyping at this point.

I like this site and the members here have been a great help to me but the reliability issues are getting old and very frustrating. Any way to know when this mess will be resolved?

And maybe it isn't kosher to ask.....but are there other similar audiophile forums? I've never used any other ones but can't see any reason to stay here if the site doesn't function half the time.

An autosave feature would go a long way to ameliorating the problems.

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I use various devices, laptop, tablet, and phone with different browsers on each of them and all have the same problems, not loading, error page, lost page trying to post a comment, etc. So NO, it is not fixed!

Still curious if the "insiders" are having the same problems.

Guess it is best to copy what has been typed before hitting "Post Your Response"

Now trying for a 4th time to post this!!

There are always things wrong with any forum moderated by audio dealers and tweak proponents.
I think when Audiogon got sold and the site got rebuilt with a bunch of features, there were a lot of glitches. There are always a few that pop up. I think a lot of the fora used to use vBulletin software, but I don't think that's a constant any more. Audiogon is, I believe, a custom built platform, so some of the quirks are not as easy to solve. 
There are quite a few audio fora in the English language and any number in other languages if you are equipped to read or rely on kludgey translation software. Each has its own culture.
Audiogon has been around for a long while and is pretty comprehensive. Not easy to post pics or as "pretty" as some of the others on the 'chat sections' but it is pretty good. I doubt the powers that be would want me linking to what they regard as their competition, but they are pretty easy to find if you poke around the Web. I've remained here since I started posting in around 2006, with a few breaks for sanity or other diversions. 
I hang at Hoffman not so much for gear talk but for music, pressings, and contribute where I can. I've actually reduced my participation in various fora over the years; partly due to the amount of time I can spend in one field and partly due to other interests. 

@whart, Now living in Austin, those other interests no doubt include hearing a lot of live music. You can see quality artists just about every night!