What is your experience with the Spin Clean?

Mine is it makes absolutely no difference. I'm thinking about returning it.


The Pro-Ject VCU-ALU is my current choice. 

Because it does a good job in general. 
I’m not a bin diver, so seldom need US cleaning. 
When a recent purchase rated as NM, came as a poor condition record, the softer brushes were not adequate. 
So, with warmed solution and a toothbrush, and a final clean with with the normal application, vacuum, it became acceptable. 

ya can’t repair damaged grooves with *anything* 🤣

So and $80 spin clean isn't as good as an $800 cleaner??? Wow. you don't get that kind of info just anywhere.

Spin Clean is the best record cleaner out there short of an Ultrasonic cleaner.  I have both but have used the Spin Clean for many years with good results.  

@jjbeason14 Unless SC has changed/updated their design, I believe they still use cleaning pads (i.e.  microfiber pads, if I remember correctly). I've never used a SC. However, I have a Knosti Disco Antistat, which is basically the German version of a SC for around the same or a little less money. The Knosti uses camel hair cleaning brushes that get down deeper into the record grooves than microfiber pads can. I believe this is more effective. The newer Knosti model now has a handle to rotate the records with and replaceable camel hair cleaning brushes. I sincerely doubt these brushes will ever need to be replaced, unless you plan on cleaning a million records or something. It also looks like the new Knosti model comes with a better cleaning solution, as well. I use the Knosti for pre-cleaning records before running them through my US cleaner and also for a final rinse after US cleaning. The cleaning solution makes a significant difference. If you want to learn more about record cleaning, check out the latest edition of "Precision Aqueous Cleaning of Records" by Neil Antin in the Vinyl Press. If you are interested in getting into US cleaning without spending an arm & a leg on something like the Degritter or something similar, check out the CleanerVinyl ultrasonic record cleaning site. I would also recommend you check out The Last Factory website and consider using LAST record preservative after your records have been efficiently cleaned. Of course, proper care & storage of your records are very important, as well as keeping your TT stylus clean, etc. 

I can't understand how some people are having good results with the SC.

There is no difference in my experience, I mean Zero.