What is your experience with the Spin Clean?

Mine is it makes absolutely no difference. I'm thinking about returning it.


I can't understand how some people are having good results with the SC.

There is no difference in my experience, I mean Zero.


I’ve been using a Spin Clean/Vacuum machine tag team method for years: Spin clean several rotations in both directions, then right onto the vacuum machine to suck the cleaning fluid off the surface of the record. The dirt that gathers in the bottom of the SC reservoir shows me what was on the records prior to the cleaning. It gets Really gross… and this from visually “clean” used, AND brand new records! I clean every record I buy before I play it. I’m not claiming it’s the end all cleaner, I’m just saying it does work. And it was like $80 bucks (plus the Nitty Gritty 1.5, which I bought used for another $100.)

Had a SpinClean. Used it. Not impressed. Now I have a VPI HW-16.5 and I’m finally impressed. 

Not impressed either. It is a PITA and you can not play the record right away. You have to place them in a rack to dry. The towels never dry the record all the way.

Ultrasonic cleaners are a PITA in general. You have to get a suction record cleaning machine in addition to dry the record correctly. Fan drying is a terrible idea. You evaporate the water and leave everything else on the record. The AudioDesk has frequent reliability issues and Kirmuss is a space shot. You NEVER want to reuse whatever fluid you are using. Each cleaning you want fresh fluid.

The Clearaudio Double Matrix Sonic Pro is currently the best record cleaning device made. It is over built in the extreme. It does both sides at the same time. It not only uses fresh fluid every cleaning but it does so three times during each cycle! It thoroughly vacuum dries each side at the same time leaving the record bone dry and ready to play. It is fast. A regular cleaning cycle takes 3 minutes or so. It is not all that quiet. In vacuum mode it sounds like a vacuum cleaner but, when the vacuum cleaner stops you know the record is ready. Every twenty records or so you have to empty the waste tank and refill the fluid tank which for me adds up to once a week if that. I got it for all of the above reasons and am extremely happy with the purchase.