What is your favorite 1 hit wonder from the 70's?

Many on Audiogon agree the 1970's was the best decade for popular music. Whether it was the quality of songwriting or the diversity of music. The decade also produced many unforgettable 1 hit wonders. My personal favorite is Afternoon Delight by Starland Vocal Band, what's yours?
Three ;)
-Du (Peter Maffay)
-I Just Want To Be Your Everything (Andy Gibb)
-Emotion (Samantha Sang)
A yes, the 70's. A time of bad hair, bad fashion, and at least SOME really bad music. I know, I was there...

I'll leave it you to determine how good or bad these were, but they were the first to pop to mind:
"Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)" by Looking Glass
"Smokin' in the Boy's Room" by Brownsville Station
"Convoy" by CW McCall (OK, we have a good sense of where that one lands on the quality scale.)

Oh, and by the way, Mott the Hoople had several other reasonably popular albums and singles, not the least of which was "All the Way From Memphis."

Like I said, I was there.