What is your favorite album cover?

I extremely love Rhythm Nation 1814 by Janet Jackson. Eschewing a friendly, fun image more conducive to '80s pop chart success, Janet Jackson adopted a militaristic tone for her instantly iconic black-and-white Rhythm Nation 1814 cover art.....That's why I like not only her song but also her soul in music. What about you? What is your favorite album cover?
There are plenty to choose from but the first one the comes up is Queen, "The Miracle."
Amazing computer technology at the time. 
In order of preference:
1)  "Trout Mask Replica" by Captain Beefheart.

2)  The original 3-D of "Satanic Majesty's Request" by The Rolling Stones.

3) "It's a Beautiful Day" (first album)

4) "Electric Ladyland" by The Jimi Hendrix Experience (original British pressing and cover, not released in the US per my recollection)

5) "Blind Faith" (original album cover)

6) Most of the Reid Miles "Blue Note" covers.
Yes - Relayer
Jimmy Smith - Back at the Chicken Shack
Linda Ronstadt - Livin' in the USA