What is your favorite budget audio component?

Just wondering for the sake of curiosity and general sharing and education among audiophiles, “What is your favorite budget audio component?” And as a bonus, “Why do you consider it budget and why is it good?” 
Since budget might be relative, I would say audio gear like MBL, Wilson MAXX speakers or anything ultra high end should not be considered.

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Sennheiser HD600's $300. Paired with a Schiit Valhalla 2 I am more impressed than with my $5000 speaker based system.
got the PSB450 sub for 1/2 off=$800. 
Never heard bass in anything like that form before. The windows rattle, the floor shakes, and I have it on low volume. 
Mahler will never be the same again!
Genesis Physics Model 7s - $75 new for Hwu Powell tweeters!!!
Emotiva XPS-1 phono pre - $85 used. It was sweet for the money.
Oppo DV-980h - $83.45 used. Introduced me to DACS, HDCD, & DVD-A
Canton Ergo 1002DC towers - $800 used.

+1 on the MMGs and the Schiit gear. My headphone rig is a Schiit stack consisting of the Asgard 2, Bifrost Multibit, and the new Loki. All budget-friendly bargains.