What is your favorite cover?

There are many great covers, such as Mr. Tambourine Man,by the Byrds.  I'm curious about everyone's favorite.


if we are asking for our favorites, these are on my very short list......and have stood the test of time.

--Eva Cassady "Somewhere Over The Rainbow".

--The Animals "House of the Rising Sun"

--Cream "Crossroads".

--Allman Brothers "Stormy Monday"

or are we asking for the most obscure or most interesting?

different answer.

Byrds "Mr. Tambourine Man" (Dylan)

Sinead O'Connor "Sacrifice" (Elton)

Leon "Jumpin' Jack Flash/Youngblood" from Concert For Bangladesh

As usual with these types of threads, most people totally disregarded the OP’s clearly stated request of "favorite cover", meaning one, NOT a list. And yes, I know it’s hard to pick just one but I did it. It can be done.

So how many do we get? 3, 6, 8, 10? Guess I’ll come up with my top 50 and list them tomorrow. See how meaningless that makes all of our responses? Is this Reddit or Audiogon?


Unbelievable. OK, @vair68robert, you want to go totally off topic with a whole album of covers, I give you Mark Lanegan’s Imitations, you won’t see that one talked about in his obits, a brilliant and underappreciated recording. Comes with a special bonus just for Audiogon members. Outstanding sound quality.