What is your favorite cover?

There are many great covers, such as Mr. Tambourine Man,by the Byrds.  I'm curious about everyone's favorite.


Warren Zevon did Knockin on Heavin's Door (I believe) after he'd been diagnosed  with terminal cancer.

All Along the watchtower cover by Bear McCreary (from Battlestar Galactica)

On YouTube e.g:

Josh Turner
Carson Mckee
Reina Del Cid
Toni ? last name

All 4 very talented and have great covers of everything from Beach Boys (sleep John B) to Stuck in the middle with you, to Ramble on. (Reina and Toni), to Pink Moon (Josh) to Dylan and Beatles and often work together/in various permutations.

Shane Ericks: Superstar or anything by carpenters--sounds very much like Karen


 middlemass ?

I will give the Mark Lanegan's Imitations a listen , 

but he is just one person . POET has a different artist for each song ,

like Steve Earle , Cowboy Junkies , John Prince , Emmylou Harris ,

Lucinda Williams , hard to pick just one .

I could have easily said Judy Collins or Pearl Jam  " Masters of War "  Bob Dylan 

or Eric Burdon and War " Nights in White Satin "  The Moody Blues 

The thing about asking for a favorite is to get others to see what's out there that they themselves haven't discovered .

I love Tony1954's list .  

@berner99 - I loved how they used 'All Along the Watchtower' in BSG!!!!! 

For favorite cover, I'll go with Jello Biafra's version of "They're Coming To Take Me Away"....