What is your favorite cover?

There are many great covers, such as Mr. Tambourine Man,by the Byrds.  I'm curious about everyone's favorite.

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Not one fave, a big covers p/l, including


Rumer - Long, Long Day.

Lani Hall - At The Ballet

Carpenters - Fun, Fun, Fun

Ray Charles - Still Crazy After All These Years

Jerry Lee & Nashville Teens - What’d I Say

The Association - Seven Virgins

Liquid Smoke - Hard To Handle

Warren Funderbuk - Bluer Than Blue.

The Beatnix - Step Inside Love.

Brasil 66 - Day Tripper.

Lewis Taylor - Love Light

Anthony Molinaro - Lady Madonna

Three Dog Night - Lady Samantha

Biff Rose - Fill Your Heart 

Phil Brown - Love Or Confusion


Most Hayseed Dixie

IMO, to rate as a great cover, the artist has to transform the song in such a way it transends the original.  A good examole of this is Sax player Tom Scott with his version of Ode To Billie Joe.  Give it a listen and see if you agree.  His sax work is subtle and very tasty.