What is your favorite cover?

There are many great covers, such as Mr. Tambourine Man,by the Byrds.  I'm curious about everyone's favorite.


IMO, to rate as a great cover, the artist has to transform the song in such a way it transends the original.  A good examole of this is Sax player Tom Scott with his version of Ode To Billie Joe.  Give it a listen and see if you agree.  His sax work is subtle and very tasty.  



berner99, your "Total Eclipse of the Heart" video is fantastic.  

I like the quilt my mom made me the best.

For music Take me to river - Talking Heads




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As usual with these types of threads, most people totally disregarded the OP’s clearly stated request of "favorite cover", meaning one, NOT a list. And yes, I know it’s hard to pick just one but I did it. It can be done.

So as not to cause any further upset, I have very carefully limited my nomination to just one, which I’m surprised no one has mentioned:  Black Magic Woman by Santana.  I’m hoping, though, to avoid being ruthlessly grilled by middlemass or his henchmen, as I would then have to admit I’ve never heard the original.


And shoutout to onhwy61:  good one!  Yes, some of us do pay attention…




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Bob Dylan's cover of Jimi Hendrix's "All Along the Watchtower".

Smokestack Lightnin’ by the Yardbirds, orig Howlin’ Wolf

Woodstock by Eva Cassidy orig Joni Mitchell

Summertime by Janis Joplin, orig George Gershwin

Ball and Chain by Janis Joplin, orig Big MamaThornton