What is your favorite guitar solo of all time?

It's a difficult question,maybe your top 2 or 3 that year after year blow you away and raise the hair on your head and move your soul inside.
Jimmy Page, hmm, there seems to be a memorable lead or two, or ten, or 50 or....
David Gilmore many songs from "Remember that night"
Dire Straits/Martk Knopfler many from "On the night"
Eric Clpaton "same old blues" on music for Montseratt
many have been listed above...Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray, Michael Hedges, 3 of which left us far too soon.....Jallen
Dicky Betts on the Live at the Filmore East Album!Duh!Coltrane lovers,Can you spot the Coltrane inspired Solo in the middle of W Post?Starts out lick for lick from Mr.Coltrane.Mr.Betts was the best at putting you down on the killing floor as well as Eddie on Maggot Brain one of the druggiest songs of them all.Warren Hayes on "No Need to Suffer",A 9 minute soaring gem on GOV'T MULE - LIFE BEFORE INSANITY ..Andy on "Ice" as mentioned by BDGregory as well as all mentioned in this thread except for T Tim's.Glad most of the great Prog Rock Solo's are mentioned.This could be an endless thread,So many.JD
Spanish composer Joaquín Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez played by Paco de Lucía