What is your favorite guitar solo of all time?

It's a difficult question,maybe your top 2 or 3 that year after year blow you away and raise the hair on your head and move your soul inside.
I'd have to say that Don Feldar's solo on Hotel California is among my all-time favorites.
This is a Lays Potato chip question. Right now maybe Reeves Gabrels, (still can't eat just one) Heaven's in Here/Baby Universe/If there is Something (Tin Machine was %$###!!!!! GREAT in MHO). Sonny Sharrock/Dick Dogs is fantastic and maybe throw in a few no brainers like Hendrix/All Along The Watchtower, Live Kraan/Holiday am Marterhorn and John McLaughlin/Purpose of When.
A couple of posts back...A Kevin Ayers Live w/Nico has a version of Baby's on Fire w/ Ollie Halsall on guitar... Ollie put out some of the most cranium smokin' guitar work ever miked. Check the first 3 Patto records for proof, (Money Bag is beyond classic). I guess they opened for Ten Years After on one tour... sad times for Alvin.
Brian May

This shows why they invented reverb and the electric guitar - awesome.

Here is a more technical classic approach Jeff Beck - anything by Jeff is awesome - probably the greatest guitarist ever...but who is this AMAZING GIRL?