What is your favorite Mozart symphony?

Most people would agree that the last three symphonies of Mozart (no. 39 -41) would be his greatest symphonic compositions. But it is so interesting to realize the perspectives on this subject from conductors. In one interview, Karl Bohm stated that Symphony No. 9 in C major has the originality of some later great works. Another case is Eugen Jochum who performed Symphony No. 33 in B falt major (121 times) more than Symphony No.40 (60 times) or Symphony No. 41 (87 times) in his career.

It would be equally or more interesting to collect your opinions. What would be your favorite Mozart symphony? What would be your most admired performance/recording of that composition?

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Thank Lowrider's suggestion on No. 24. I will look into it.

Also agree with Jetxexpro, the string quintets are lovely with the additional viola to balance the tone dominated by two violins which by Mozart's point of view is too "thin".

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As with Rja, I've never totally warmed to his symphonies. It may be because I believe Mozart loved the solo voice (the melody) and understood the push pull/give take of that voice better than he did the symphonic voice.

In many of his fist movements he gives a superficial nod to the crucial development section. Listen to a Beethoven 1st movement development and then compare it to a Mozart development and you may see what I mean. My wife and I have had this discussion and she disagrees with me. She doesn't disagree that a Beethoven development is more interesting, she hears Moazart's symphonic developments as being perfectly balanced to his overall symphonic architecture while I hear them as superficial given the amount of amazing musical material that preceded said development. Bear in mind I am not saying his symphonies are not works of genius...Anyway, interesting food for thought.
since I bought the Bohm complete set on cds (collectors edition) I do not listen to any other...
Interesting that no one has so far mentioned the "Little" G Minor symphony, #25. Definitely one of my favorites, along with the last six.

A favorite Haydn symphony thread would be interesting. I'll start that discussion off with #48, the Maria Theresa, and I of course must mention #31, the Horn Signal....#80 is a particular favorite of mine as well.
Yes #25 is excellent, I should have included that with my #24 choice.

OTOH, I could listen to Haydn all day long and sometimes do, but his body of work is so vast, is it better to have it's own thread? I could list at least 10 favorites right now.