What is your favorite speaker wood or veneer?

I ams really partial to maple. I had an exquisite example of Avalon's burled maple for several years, and now I have dynaudio maple. Both are superb. I have dyn rosewood for my rears. Don't like nearly as much.I also like the black MBL's, but I don't know what wood that is.

I love that B&W Tiger Eye on the 800s. Wow. I used to love Rosewood but it is too soft. How about someone using a burled Pecan. I have some furniture made of Pecan that I love. Never seen it in a speakers
Well tastes and styles change a bit over time with the up to date style for room furniture I think. I also noted that speaker manufacturers sometimes roll out a new veneer style with a new line to put emphasis on the new speakers with a fresh appearance as well.

My preferred one is maple (see the Tidal speakers in my system :-)). But I also like the mappa burl, sycamore, macassar ebony (the one with red-brown streaks in the black ebony). Even spalted maple sometimes looks great, albeit a bit over dramatic on big surfaces.
Hi David, I love burl walnut. Speaking of looks, why not do something about those Teal echo busters? Recover them with a warmer silk pattern or maybe have a local artist paint a van gogh or maybe a monet? You have an excellent rig and room, I think that would look nicer against the brick wall. JMO, Regards John
You should go into Salk Sound and look at the work he does on hand crafted speakers .He builds them them all by hand and his cabinet quality is unbeleivable.He has many pictures of his speakers with all different veneers.He even has a step by step view of his speakers being built...
My choice is walnut!
If you love maple - take a look at Sonus Faber.
I have had the Amati's in violin red & now have the Stradavari's in graphite.
Even through the 7 coats of lacquer you can see all the beauty & grain of the wood.
I have never seen a finer finish on any speaker.