What is your favourite Coltrane album ?

I would like to have one or two of his record albums. Recording quality is important too, of course. And what are the best pressings, original American, Japanese pro, something else?
I am familiar with his sound but not well enough.
Agree w/ Blue Train, but the other album you've got to own that is halfway an answer to your question is:

Thelonious Monk With John Coltrane Quartet at Carnegie Hall (Mono reissue is fantastic!). Cheers,

The Thelonius Monk Quartet with John Coltrane at Carnegie Hall that came out maybe 6-7 years ago is great and sounds fantastic. One Blue Note/EMI.
Any of the albums with Miles especially-
Workin-Steamin-Relaxin-Cookin (Prestige)

My Favorite Things-(Atlantic)

Bags and Trane(Atlantic)

Love Supreme(Impulse)

If you like these then get the rest.
I've seen there is an XRCD version of "Black Pearls", which I've never heard but wondered why it was singled out for the JVC catalog. Any fans of that release?