What is your front end ?

What is your front end  is it T/T , CD, R to R, Cassette deck, Streaming , Internet Radio , or portable devices such as mp3 players iPod etc, if you have all of those which you enjoy most ?


@larsman Thanks I  appreciate your suggestion but it is bit late now however I  was just curious how many music lovers /audiophiles first choice of front end.

naturally Due to technology convenience and massive choice of Artist/ albums Streaming is first choice of many audiophiles, during the 1980's many people abandoned their lp's to cd, , That allowed me to buy LP's from Car boot sales / flea markets next to nothing some the lp's I  bought during that time they were unopened even Japanese pressing lp's too. I  bet most of the audiophiles got ipod somewhere in their home perhaps collecting dust , nowadays ipod transports either wadia  or onkyo sells around $ 80  just try it see if it is floats your boat. nothing ventured nothing gain frankly I  prefer to my aurender n100 and mckintosh d-150 dac combination

Sometimes I wonder if I even belong in this forum. I have an all analog front end, a Linn LP-12 and an Avid Acutus Reference. I have an Audio Research CD-9 in its box in the closet which I haven't used in years. (No shelf space or real interest)  No subwoofers, streamers, DAC, or TV. Jazz and Classical.

No R to R or cassette, but I use all others and they all sound equally good. Preference is streaming by a mile. 

I have almost all of the front end types out there; LP-12 (almost to Klimax level), DCS Bartok, Moon CD transport, Revox B77, and a Nakamichi DR-2.  I enjoy them all as there is very little duplicity among my various formats of music.  

I have streamer (ifi zen / Wiim pro plus) and CD player (Pioneer Elite). I listen mostly to the hi-rez music stored in SSD assessed thru ifi zen. I plan to procure Wiim ultra that also features usb port for local music collection.