What is your idea of a Perfect Album?

I was just listening to Kid Creole and the Coconuts album "Fresh Fruit in Foreign Places" and came to the conclusion that it is a "perfect album". The story line, the instrumentation, the mix and even the artwork are all included in my rating of this record. Yes, the artwork and liner notes count as well. Dark Side of the Moon is a another good example. There's a million of them, whats yours?
I would never suggest that there is such a thing but here are a few that I can play almost anytime from beginning to end never tiring of their greatness. In no particular order with apologies to those not listed:

Kind of Blue
Heart Like a Wheel
Babes in the Woods
Abbey Road
Brandenburg Concertos
Dark Side of the Moon
Take Five
The Wheel
Close to the Edge
Surrealistic Pillow
In the Wee Small Hours
The Four Seasons
Allman Bros Fillmore East
Texas Flood
Blood on the Tracks
Rhythm of the Saints
Eagles Hotel California or Hell freezes over
Eric Clapton Unplugged
SRV couldn't stand the weather
Led Zeppelin 1 or 2 both are excellent
Achtung Baby

In addition to it being my favorite album musically I think it fits another generally desirable album characteristic by being a fresh step forward for a band.