What is your most beautiful component?

Sound qualities set aside... What is the most beautiful component in your system. If you can please provide links to a picture of it. For me it is my Basis 1400 turntable. This turntable is a piece of art. Unfortunately, I cannot find Basis' home page.
In an audacious way, what about those full range Heil speaker that never came to market? Or the MBL D?

For sheer modesty and functionality: Advent Receiver and Connoisseur turntable.

And have you seen all the menagerie at http://www.enjoythemusic.com/speakerlust/?
Now that I have changed out the Basis 1400 turntable for a Rega P9 turntable and the Cary 306/200 CDP for the Ayre CDX-7 CDP, my most beautiful component is probably my Vienna Acoustic Mahler speakers.

mine would have to be my Clarity Labs foxfire interconnects theyre light green kina, silver and Ohh.. i could hang them on my wall as art, or wear them as necklace!...lol really tho they are nice,and sound great but for componets i like my NAD C-370
Harmonic Precision Mono Bloc Amps.. each setting atop their own individual Sistrum platforms. What cool shapes that really do improve the sound..
twl has teres tt that i love that killer may be better with leed fil platter what you think and also sound wise? your feedback please!