What is your most beautiful component?

Sound qualities set aside... What is the most beautiful component in your system. If you can please provide links to a picture of it. For me it is my Basis 1400 turntable. This turntable is a piece of art. Unfortunately, I cannot find Basis' home page.
I rearranged my stereo rack so that my new (to me) Nakamichi DR-3 was at eye level......
How my components look is not very important, because most are enclosed in a beautiful Custom Shoppe oak cabinet designed just for that purpose.

My ACI Titan II LE looks quite nice for a subwoofer and offers excellent performance sonicly and as an endtable.

I used to like the way my old Bang & Olufsen RX-2 turntable looked, and it sounded almost as good.
The Oracle MkV turntable. What a beautiful piece of industrial art it is. Plus it is really cool looking. The first question from a friend of mine, who is not into hi fi gear, was - does it hover? Sounds pretty darn good, too. Always nice when form and function meet.