What is your most fond musical memory.

One that makes you yearn for the ‘good old days.’

Mine took place in 1970. My grandparents were going on a world tour and I had their whole house to myself for 2 months. Alone at last!. I was 16. First thing I did was set up my audio system. Then I turned down the lights and put on the just released Grand Funk “Closer to Home’ album. I thought I was in heaven when ‘I’m your Captain’ came on. 10 minutes of Pure Bliss. To this day I get the tingles whenever I play that song.



Went to a Friend's birthday party in New Jersey back in the early 70's and he had a band he knew playing at his party. Some bearded guy sung with a backup band named the E Street Band. They were good. I heard they made it big.

Tripping on LSD back in 79' listening to Santana loud as hell with 4 speakers around the living room, Pink Floyd...when the clocks struck 12, I thought for sure the cops were busting the door down! So freaking intense the music is when your on the same stuff as the band! :-) Ahh to be young again...  (I probably wouldnt do any of that again LOL)

David Bowie concert in New Haven, CT, summer of 1974.  The music was fantastic and my date was a beautiful girl who was a dancer in with the Alvin Ailey troupe. One of the best nights of my life. 

The day I succumbed to my friend's relentless endeavor to convince me to go see the Grateful Dead. He bought me a ticket for my birthday and told me I was going if he had to knock me out and toss me in the trunk of his dad's brand new Mercedes. So, at 9AM on September 26 1981 we loaded up the car with coolers of food and booze and we were off to Buffalo NY. Fifteen hours, two tabs, and countless cocktails later we were in the parking lot of the Buffalo Aud listening to a tape of the show we just witnessed. Needless to say I was hooked. I spent the next two years following the Dead around the country. Arguably the two most exciting and formative years of my life.

Having Doc Watson perform with his nephew at my father’s farmhouse in Western North Carolina in the early 90’s at Christmas time.  Doc is a legend in our part of the world and was a pure musician.