What is your most fond musical memory.

One that makes you yearn for the ‘good old days.’

Mine took place in 1970. My grandparents were going on a world tour and I had their whole house to myself for 2 months. Alone at last!. I was 16. First thing I did was set up my audio system. Then I turned down the lights and put on the just released Grand Funk “Closer to Home’ album. I thought I was in heaven when ‘I’m your Captain’ came on. 10 minutes of Pure Bliss. To this day I get the tingles whenever I play that song.



 I was 15 (50 years ago) rural Ohio farm kid. I had my own stereo not much but a hodge podge of assembled components that allowed sound to come through the speakers.My older buddy asked me to go to town with him because the neighbor had moved to town and was having a party that day. Middle of summer beautiful day. We arrived to a group of friends with the host having set up his new Pioneer rig (receiver, turntable and those beautiful foam grilled wooden boxes.) outside just in time to hear the needle drop on REO Speedwagons' Ridin' The Storm Out .It was the first time I had ever heard the song. Dave Had the volume filly cranked and every hair on my body stood up.  I will never forget that moment I was introduced  to the world of HiFi. I have been chasing that sound ever since.

Spring 1970, 16 years old, first out of town concert. My dad drove me and actually bought a ticket too, but he sat in the back while I was second position sitting on the floor. In Montreux, Switzerland, right on the shores of Lake Geneva, in the old casino that held the first jazz festivals. The one that completely burned down during a Zappa concert about a year later and that's how the Deep Purple song Smoke on the water came to life. The concert, Led Zeppelin launching the Led Zeppelin II album. Page still had longer hair than Plant and Bonham was as strong as an ox. I remember his hand bleeding during his bare hand part of the drum solo. That' how close I was, maybe 8 ft from Page and Plant and the stage was only a foot tall. That's why it was floor sitting up front. Obviously this could never happen again and I will never forget. That was the nirvana musical moment of my life.

Two, both at Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin -

Van Morrison (the R&B Van, not the Celtic mystic Van)

Little Feat with unannounced appearance by Linda Ronstadt


Oh yes, 17 years old. My dad was a true Audiophile and had a sweet Mac system with k-horns. (I still have them). Splurged and bought Dark Side of the Moon on reel-to-reel tape. I invited my girlfriend over to listen with me on a Friday night when we had the house to ourselves. Started off with a Led Zepplin album and a few beers. Put on the PF reel to reel and ended up having the greatest night of my life.

Ended up marrying that girl. The funny thing is I get a little excited every time I listen to Pink Floyd and she doesn't like them.  

My best friend told me she once (in New Jersey) went to sort of battle of the bands in a high school auditorium. Don't know the year. She was leaning on the stage watching among other bands, Black Sabbath before their first album came out.