What is your most fond musical memory.

One that makes you yearn for the ‘good old days.’

Mine took place in 1970. My grandparents were going on a world tour and I had their whole house to myself for 2 months. Alone at last!. I was 16. First thing I did was set up my audio system. Then I turned down the lights and put on the just released Grand Funk “Closer to Home’ album. I thought I was in heaven when ‘I’m your Captain’ came on. 10 minutes of Pure Bliss. To this day I get the tingles whenever I play that song.



Mine may not quite as memorable, living in NY about an hour from the City, my evening routine would start at 11pm.  A Disc jockey from WNEW 107.9 (I think) Allison Steele referred to as the NIGHT BIRD would begin her show for several hours. She had such a Sultry, soothing voice, almost memorizing .  She was just able to capture you. No drugs involved on my part. She would prepare a 2 or 3 or 4 hour segment of orchestrated music (ALL ROCK AND ROLL) she would ease you into a night of pure pleasure. Taking you through many music segments, Pink Floyd, YES, etc that one mood just continued into another SEAMLESSLY!!!  No abruptness, with a song that did not meld into the same mood you were in. A seamless progression of music!!  For those of you (I KNOW THERE ARE MANY) who know her will understand  what I'm trying to convey. Many good memories!! Robert TN        always a place in my heart

For the above post, I forgot to mention this all took place in the late 60"s may be very early 70's. Just to place a date on it. Above word in earlier, Mesmerizing ! Should have proofread, sorry.

Way too many to list!

The vast majority of my fond musical memories are live concerts. Also, I have just as many fond musical memories from very recent times, as I do from my youth.

Just at the Roxy alone, I could go on for a page.

I was at the Roxy (Los Angeles) for the "Roxy and Elsewhere" gig.

Also at the Roxy: Genesis (1973), King Crimson (1981), Premiata Forneria Marconi (1976), Wynton Marsalis (1982) .

Shrine Auditorium: King Crimson (1974), Gentle Giant (with Renaissance opening) (1976), Mahavishnu Orchestra (1976?).

At the Hollywood Bowl. John McLaughlin, Al Di Meola, Paco DeLucia. This was the gig just before the the "Friday Night in San Francisco", and more recent release, "Saturday Night...", gigs were recorded.

@simonmoon: The Roxy is probably my favorite venue. I saw a LOT of great shows there, including those of NRBQ, John Hiatt, Rodney Crowell, Victoria Williams, and Lone Justice.

Another is The Troubadour, where I saw Lucinda Williams, Iris DeMent, and countless others. It was also on the stage of The Troubadour that I made my own L.A. debut. 😉 (Sorry, I couldn’t resist).

And then there was The Palomino, the legendary Country Music bar in North Hollywood. Believe it or not, is was on that stage that The Pretenders performed during their first U.S.A. tour. The place was packed! 

Hunters & Collectors - 1987

The Blue Nile - 1990

Sade - 1993

The most "primal," the most "spiritual" and the most "sensual" concerts that I've ever seen. If you can't figure out the sensual one, go back and read the post by skchun.

Biggest surprise from an opening act was Dada. I had only heard "Dizz Knee Land" (which is the worst song on their debut album), man what a great band!

@mahler123 I remember hearing the ads on the radio for Bob Seger playing gigs at local high schools. I was too young to drive then, so that was torture. I've always wondered what those shows were like, so thanks for that!

Bottom line, I'd gladly jump in a time machine to go back and experience any of those shows!