What is your OTHER passion?

Now we are all passionate about quality audio, right? But next to audio, what interests us? (No sexual exploits, please, I'm getting old).
Mine is motorsports...especially CART, F1, and just about anything with a motor that hums! Rebuilding a 2-stroke is a joy that I crave. Used to race karts...thereby comes my moniker. Favourite drivers: Paul Tracy, Scott Pruett, Mario, Montoya, and the oldies such as Malcolm Cambell, Rudy Carraciola (German), and many others who lived such romantic racing lives. My one desire is to go to Indy...got to wait for the boy to gain a few years.
Sterokarter: Looking at beautiful women. Women & a/v give you feelings you can't truly describe.AAAaah,OOOooh,MMMmmm.
Sports cars. I actually drive them on the racetrack (Watkins Glen, Pocono, Lime Rock, etc.). I also have two audiophile friends who are also into the sports car/driving experience. As noted above, there seems to be some correlation. Let the pyschologists figure it out.
Marathon running, fly fishing, mountain biking, writing, designing furniture, graphic & interior design, fashion, collectables, big sports fan and most of all - spending time with Marquise, my 3 year old son.
This is going well....and faaaaast too! Calling Dr. Gindi on the noted correlation between audiophilia (sounds perverted!) and autophilia and possibly even "three-letter-word" (yeah, I mean SEX). The always ready to write Doctor should be able to explain this one. Who can get him to read this thread? 'Anybody here CLIMB FENCES?