What is your record cleaning regimen?

I am just getting into vinyl, and inheriting records, buying some used and most recently a few new. 

I have only a few hundred records so far, but I have invested in cleaning supplies.

Specifically, I have various pre-set solutions (groovewasher, Tergikleen, distilled water, simple green), a goat hair brush, micro fiber cloths, a baby scalp scrubber and a DeGritter machine (extravagant at this stage, but a huge time saver).

Here is my regime at this point. For any new record, whether inherited or bought, used or new, I wipe it with a dry cloth or the goat hair brush to remove any initial dust. Then I cover the label and spray some solution on it and use the baby scrubber to distribute the liquid around to cover the surface. Then I use a padded microfiber to wipe it off. Then I Degrit.

Btw, I tried WD-40 once, which does work to remove crackles, but subsequent cleanings cause those crackles to come right back, which to me indicates that WD-40 is leaving a residue on the record which I suspect is not helpful in the long run.

Likewise, the goat hair brush is so far disappointing as it seems to shed hair on the record which somewhat defeats its purpose.

Interested in other people's processes and I have a question. I have some older records that have persistent crackles. Will cleaning ultimately make those go away or do I just need to get over it?

I have ordered a record label protector that will allow me to wash in the sink with soap and water in the hopes of getting the ultimate clean.

Any thoughts from the analog folks here would be great.


Gen. One Record Doctor, Degritter and Carbon Fiber brush before playing.

Hepa air filter, Hepa vacuum and room humidifier.

Air filter and humidifier are off during listening session.

Does anyone know what happened to Soundguard, for record preservation? I put it on almost all my albums back in the 70’s-80’s.  It really kept cleaning to a minimum.

For those who are just getting into vinyl and may not have the megabucks to buy an ultrasonic cleaner, go with the Spin Clean.  It works great and is inexpensive.  Michael Fremer reviewed it positively many years ago.

If you are going all out, get an ultrasonic record cleaner.  There are about a dozen on the market.

I bought the Kirmuss because it is cheap (relatively speaking) and well designed.  Prior posters have said there are too many steps.  This is nonsense.  You put (up to 3) records in the device, push the button and the records are clean in 5 minutes.  That's it.

Of course, with all of the "wet" cleaning systems you must dry the record.  Some recommend using a microfiber cloth and that works and is cheap.  You can also give them a spin through a vacuum type device like the Nitty Gritty.  That is quick and effective and is what I have found works best.


My #1 rule is to thoroughly rinse a dirty album with warm filtered water prior to applying any type of brush/cloth/pad.

Any mystery bits on the dirty album, harder than the vinyl, will scratch the surface if brushed around.

I use a WaterPik for this as the water pressure of our kitchen sink filter is not high enough.

Once done I gently use a carbon fiber brush while running warm water from the faucet/filter, and then hit it again with the WaterPik.

I use a Groovmaster to protect the label.

Seems logical enough that I stick with it.

Afterwards I clean entirely by hand with a basic DIY wet solution and various brushes/cloths then air dry (use filtered tap water, which I find to be cleaner than the distilled water sold @ the local supers).

I have a water filter on the shower I use, but have never tried showering with an album (not certain about the effectiveness of the filter VS the one in the kitchen - plus it's just too weird).