What is your speaker ownership history since 1995?

Used audio market is not the same again since on-line marketplace was born in 1995 (Fleabay).   What is your speaker *ownership* history since then?   

(showroom / friend's house / loaner don't count .. must be owner of them)

Let me start with mine's, from 1998 to current (*):

(oldest to current)
Misc Wharfedale (thanks to uBid hype!!!)
Newform Research R645
Magneplan MMG
Magneplan 3.3R
NHT ???
SOTA Panorama with Time Domain bass module
Rogers LS3/5A
Infinity ??? (first time I realize 'reference' in the model name means absolutely nothing)
Klipsch Klipschorn
Tyler Acoustics Taylo Reference Monitors
Tyler Acoustics Reference 1
Wilson Watt Puppy 5.0
JMLab Chorus 7??
B&W Matrix 805
B&W Matrix 801 Series II
Revel M20
Revel F30
Alon I
Alon V
Tangent R4
Loth X BS1
Odeon Double Six
Silverline Sonata I
Meridian DSP5000
Paragon Acoustics Regent
??? Some Audio Physics DIY clone
Legacy Audio Classic
Duntech Princess
Sansui SP5000
Altec 604E w/ mastering lab (The Big Red)
Tube ? Lab ??? (it is the sorry B&W Nautilus 805 clone)
Epicure ??? (its the one with an eyeball kinda tweeter)
Celestion SL600si
Avalon Symbol
Vienna Acoustics Mahler 
Quest for Sound SQ10
??? White van speakers, can't remember the name, $80 a pair
Talon Audio Peregrine X
Fostex backloaded horns (DIY)
Counterpoint Clearfield
KR Audio (limited production specials, no model name)
Avalon Eclipse Classic
Apogee Centaur Major
Ohm Model I
Dynaco A25
Oris Horn 250
Egglestonworks Rosa
Legend Audio Reference Monitors (now known as Von Gaylord ROTL Mk II)
*Nearfield Acoustics Pipedreams 930
*Wilson Watt Puppy 3/2
*Kharma CRM 3.2 FE

Pretty purpose-less, focus-less timeline, I must confess.

Since 1996

Von Schweikert VR-4
Von Schweikert VR-4 (above) upgraded to VR-7

I’ve listened to dozens of speakers along the way, some over $20,000/pr. While I really liked many of them,I still have not heard one for which I would trade my modified VR-7s. I think they may be my speakers for life.
1977 to 1990 JBL 4343 Studio Monitors
1990 to 1996 Acoustat 2+2's Phil Keck mods.
1996 to 2002 Martin Logan CLS Speakers
2002 to 2006 Martin Logan Request Speakers
2006 to 2014 nothing out of audio.!!
2014 to present Magnaplanar 1.7 Speakers
1989-2014 Thiel CS2
2014-present Thiel CS2.4SE 
2014-present 4 PSB Imagine Mini surrounds
2014-present 2 SVS SB12-NSD subwoofers
2015-present Thiel MCS1 centre


I am comforted to realise that I'm not as crazy as I (or more accurately, my wife) thought:

Martin Logan CLS I (beautiful to look at and fantastic with valves but temperamental film)
Apogee Duetta Signature (excellent all round involving sound but needed more amplification than I could provide at the time)
Sonus Faber Extremas (attempt to bring sanity to home space but disappointing sound after panels)
Zingali horn floor-standers (trying to get a fuller sound from a more acceptable box)
Quad ESL63 (following réalisation that panels offered much more than even beautiful boxes)
Apogee Divas (rebuilt as active tri-amped system - stunning sound, far more involving than the Quads but complicated for all female household)
Apogee Grands (Going for broke - completely rebuilt - absolutely fantastic, all enveloping, articulate sound - however, too physically dominant and too complicated for some)
Back to sanity: 
An ATC active system for home theatre includes:
ATC SMA150 (front); ATC SMA 50 (rears); ATC SMA?? (centre); ATC Sub
Apogee Caliper Signature (rebuilt - for serious reflective stereo listening and realisation that after all my nonsense, I'm a panel man)

Still crazy really!
I started buying speakers in 2009 .
My first were a pair Polk audio LS15
Polk Audio LSI 9
Dali 800 MKII
AZ crescendos 
Harbeth C7es3
System audio Sa2K
Nola Boxer
Harbeth P3es3
Harbeth M30.1
KEF reference 1
Diapason Micras III--current
KEF LS50 Wireless ----current
Gamut M7---Current
KEF ref 3.-----current
Triangle deltas signature ----current.
Speakers are the soul of every single system.
Happy listening