What is your speaker ownership history since 1995?

Used audio market is not the same again since on-line marketplace was born in 1995 (Fleabay).   What is your speaker *ownership* history since then?   

(showroom / friend's house / loaner don't count .. must be owner of them)

Let me start with mine's, from 1998 to current (*):

(oldest to current)
Misc Wharfedale (thanks to uBid hype!!!)
Newform Research R645
Magneplan MMG
Magneplan 3.3R
NHT ???
SOTA Panorama with Time Domain bass module
Rogers LS3/5A
Infinity ??? (first time I realize 'reference' in the model name means absolutely nothing)
Klipsch Klipschorn
Tyler Acoustics Taylo Reference Monitors
Tyler Acoustics Reference 1
Wilson Watt Puppy 5.0
JMLab Chorus 7??
B&W Matrix 805
B&W Matrix 801 Series II
Revel M20
Revel F30
Alon I
Alon V
Tangent R4
Loth X BS1
Odeon Double Six
Silverline Sonata I
Meridian DSP5000
Paragon Acoustics Regent
??? Some Audio Physics DIY clone
Legacy Audio Classic
Duntech Princess
Sansui SP5000
Altec 604E w/ mastering lab (The Big Red)
Tube ? Lab ??? (it is the sorry B&W Nautilus 805 clone)
Epicure ??? (its the one with an eyeball kinda tweeter)
Celestion SL600si
Avalon Symbol
Vienna Acoustics Mahler 
Quest for Sound SQ10
??? White van speakers, can't remember the name, $80 a pair
Talon Audio Peregrine X
Fostex backloaded horns (DIY)
Counterpoint Clearfield
KR Audio (limited production specials, no model name)
Avalon Eclipse Classic
Apogee Centaur Major
Ohm Model I
Dynaco A25
Oris Horn 250
Egglestonworks Rosa
Legend Audio Reference Monitors (now known as Von Gaylord ROTL Mk II)
*Nearfield Acoustics Pipedreams 930
*Wilson Watt Puppy 3/2
*Kharma CRM 3.2 FE

Pretty purpose-less, focus-less timeline, I must confess.

Some of you guys seem indecisive as heck - changing speakers every year or so......

I've used (in my systems with asterisks on speakers I still own and use) :

Spica Angelus
Energy Reference Connoisseurs
Vandersteen 4A*
Martin Logan CLS*
Wilson Maxx 2*

I've listened to  a ton of speakers but those are the only ones that had the imaging qualities and clarity I was after.  I would change speakers only when I heard some that not just equalled but surpassed what I had, without losing anything in the process (e.g. having better imaging but tossing out a bass octave or two didn't qualify them  for inclusion in my systems).
I've owned very few pairs, thoroughly enjoying what I have been privileged to own:

Magnepan MG-1 78-84
Apogee Scintillas 84-90
Apogee Divas with active Dax 90-present, refurbished with Graz ribbons, etc in 2015.
A Velodyne 15 in subwoofer is rarely used for organ music.

The planar maggies lead my away from dynamic drivers. The Scintillas were an absolute revelation (at 1 ohm, not 4 ohm!) for timber, speed, musicality, air and soundstaging. In choose the Divas to push more volume into a much large space (about 20x27ft, vaulted ceiling). The Divas finally excelled after using the Graz ribbons with new capacitors, wiring and binding posts. Have not heard anything more pleasing under $100k. Great classical, solo, jazz, folk speaker! Owning and playing a Bosendorfer 275 concert grand, and attending first rate orchestral performances (Cleveland, Chicago, NY...) keeps it real for me! What a blessing!

WOW! Interesting lineup . . . some very impressive lists. I was trying to see if there were any patterns for consistency . . . a few, but for the most part -- not really. To be honest, if I had had the resources to do so, my list would have been much larger.

Dahlquist DQ10’s with double subwoofers (still have and tweak) Bought second hand back in the mid-80’s.

Paradigm (for surround sound) mid-90’s .. . . also still have.

With a little help and determination . . . the DQ10’s can still do marvelous things -- even impress those whose systems change quite often and are much more costly. And although there are ALWAYS some great technological advancements out there (or myths perpetuated by advertising) and a price to be paid for the competing and the insatiable conquest for THE BEST . .. there is still the reality, and consequently, the necessity for some of us, who just have to work within our limited resources and be CONTENT with what we can afford -- that, and not overtaxing one’s credit. To those whose resources are much less confined (obviously) -- sincerely, more power to you.

It is a fun, encompassing hobby and at times a very enjoyable one -- IF, one can keep the music, at least theoretically, as the priority . . . and not the overwhelming pride of ownership, keeping up with the Jones (becoming KING of the Hill . . . being dethroned and gaining it back again) , and sometimes falling into the trap of advertising hype and often times -- just plain baloney; however, that constant urge to IMPROVE is also part of the CHARM and enjoyment of the always (seemingly) being on an unreachable quest for perfection and wanting to share every little nuance with like enthusiasts, as there will always seem to be that one step never quite achieved in the greed and necessity for profit by the designers and manufacturers, who do seem at times to milk it for all they can. I still have to believe that behind that shallow exterior of the love of money, the obsession of ownership, etc. there are those whose heart still has the purest intent of possessing, if just for a moment, the joy of sharing with pride an experience of OWNING the closest to real music experience that one’s limitation (or not) of money can buy . . . and IF the illusion of live music ever did totally come about, not only would the industry be devastated . . . but most likely the heart of the hobby and love of this never-ending quest for musical as well as technological tinkering would also be gone along with the enthusiasm and fun towards that “just out of reach” unachievable perfection.

I started out about 25 years ago with  Boston Acoustics speakers when I only had a Yamaha receiver and CD player. When I started with high-end equipment about 16 years ago I first went with Paradigm towers. Then I purchased  Martin-Logan Aeon which I had for close to 10 years. Next was Magnepan 1.7, followed by Thiel 2.7.  I kept the Maggies in storage and put the Thiels in a secondary system when I purchased Quad ESLs (2805). I loved the Quads but they did not appeal to my wife because of the space they took in the family room. Then I discovered YG Acoustics Carmel. I was smitten.  I sold the Thiels and the Quads.  I put the Carmels in my secondary system.  My primary system now has a pair of YG Kipod 2 speakers. I picked up the YG speakers on the used market for about 25% of the cost of a new pair.  I do not know where I will go from here and I do not think I will ever part with the Maggies.