What is your speaker ownership history since 1995?

Used audio market is not the same again since on-line marketplace was born in 1995 (Fleabay).   What is your speaker *ownership* history since then?   

(showroom / friend's house / loaner don't count .. must be owner of them)

Let me start with mine's, from 1998 to current (*):

(oldest to current)
Misc Wharfedale (thanks to uBid hype!!!)
Newform Research R645
Magneplan MMG
Magneplan 3.3R
NHT ???
SOTA Panorama with Time Domain bass module
Rogers LS3/5A
Infinity ??? (first time I realize 'reference' in the model name means absolutely nothing)
Klipsch Klipschorn
Tyler Acoustics Taylo Reference Monitors
Tyler Acoustics Reference 1
Wilson Watt Puppy 5.0
JMLab Chorus 7??
B&W Matrix 805
B&W Matrix 801 Series II
Revel M20
Revel F30
Alon I
Alon V
Tangent R4
Loth X BS1
Odeon Double Six
Silverline Sonata I
Meridian DSP5000
Paragon Acoustics Regent
??? Some Audio Physics DIY clone
Legacy Audio Classic
Duntech Princess
Sansui SP5000
Altec 604E w/ mastering lab (The Big Red)
Tube ? Lab ??? (it is the sorry B&W Nautilus 805 clone)
Epicure ??? (its the one with an eyeball kinda tweeter)
Celestion SL600si
Avalon Symbol
Vienna Acoustics Mahler 
Quest for Sound SQ10
??? White van speakers, can't remember the name, $80 a pair
Talon Audio Peregrine X
Fostex backloaded horns (DIY)
Counterpoint Clearfield
KR Audio (limited production specials, no model name)
Avalon Eclipse Classic
Apogee Centaur Major
Ohm Model I
Dynaco A25
Oris Horn 250
Egglestonworks Rosa
Legend Audio Reference Monitors (now known as Von Gaylord ROTL Mk II)
*Nearfield Acoustics Pipedreams 930
*Wilson Watt Puppy 3/2
*Kharma CRM 3.2 FE

Pretty purpose-less, focus-less timeline, I must confess.


From beginning to present:

78-81 Sound Research
81-84 Smaller Advent Loudspeaker
85-86 Jamo Compact 50's & 70's & Triad Subwoofer
86-88 Mirage 660's.....(excellent)
88-93 ProAc Studio 1.....(top 5 I've owned)
1993 Celestion C7.....(excellent - gave to brother for stealing his Advents & taking them to college)
1993 Chateau Research 1.5.....(top 5 I've owned)
1993 ADS CM6.....(horrible)
1993 Celestion C3
1993 Infinity Qb
1996 Vandersteen 1B
1997 Klipsch KG3.5 (black).....(worked great w/SE amp)
2002 Tannoy D90.....(top 5 I've owned)
2004 Omega Grande 8.....(top 5 I've owned)
2009 Celestion DL-8 II's (very nice)
2009 Mission 70 mkII (underrated)
2009 RogerSoundLab CG-6 (looked much better than sounded)
2009 Boston Acoustics A-200
2010 Wharfedale CRS-5 (nice)
2010 Mission 700 LE
2010 Wharfedale Delta 70
2010 Klipsch KG 3.5 (oiled oak)
2010 Pinnacle AC800 (very underrated speaker)
2010 Linn Helix LS250.....(top 5 I've owned)
2011 Celestion C100s
2013 Omega Grande 8 (re-acquired)
2014-2017 Canton Plus S
2014-2017 Paisley Reseach AE-500 (top 5 owned)
2015 Mordaunt Short MS-20
2017  Fostex P1000-BH 4" Full Range Back-loaded Horn 
2017 DIY Rega Kyte clones
2018 ads L400
2018 Rauna Tyr II's (tied for Top 5 I've owned)

To the best of my recollection give or take a few months/yrs
I don’t have the extensive list some of y’all do.  


Pioneer monkey coffins that came with a Pioneer rack system from Sears.  Sounded great to my teenage ears. 


Infinity Modulus 2 System (sub and the rear sats still in use in my HT)


KRK Rokit 8 studio monitors to replace Klipsch Promedia computer speakers
Then Elac UB5s with an SVS SB12-NSD to replace the Rokit 8s
Infinity IL40s and IL36C to replace the Modulus front soundstage


Infinity Intermezzo 4.1t in my new dedicated 2-channel room
1996: Spendor 3/1
1998: Spendor 7/1
2002: Spendor 1/2e
2008: AudioKinesis Stormbringer
2008: AudioKinesis Jazzmodule (through 2016)
2014: Quad ESL 57 (current)
2016: Music Reference Airspring Woofer System (current)
2017: Spendor 1/2e (current)
2018: Acoustat Model 2 (current, with modified panels and direct drive amplifiers).