What is your speaker ownership history since 1995?

Used audio market is not the same again since on-line marketplace was born in 1995 (Fleabay).   What is your speaker *ownership* history since then?   

(showroom / friend's house / loaner don't count .. must be owner of them)

Let me start with mine's, from 1998 to current (*):

(oldest to current)
Misc Wharfedale (thanks to uBid hype!!!)
Newform Research R645
Magneplan MMG
Magneplan 3.3R
NHT ???
SOTA Panorama with Time Domain bass module
Rogers LS3/5A
Infinity ??? (first time I realize 'reference' in the model name means absolutely nothing)
Klipsch Klipschorn
Tyler Acoustics Taylo Reference Monitors
Tyler Acoustics Reference 1
Wilson Watt Puppy 5.0
JMLab Chorus 7??
B&W Matrix 805
B&W Matrix 801 Series II
Revel M20
Revel F30
Alon I
Alon V
Tangent R4
Loth X BS1
Odeon Double Six
Silverline Sonata I
Meridian DSP5000
Paragon Acoustics Regent
??? Some Audio Physics DIY clone
Legacy Audio Classic
Duntech Princess
Sansui SP5000
Altec 604E w/ mastering lab (The Big Red)
Tube ? Lab ??? (it is the sorry B&W Nautilus 805 clone)
Epicure ??? (its the one with an eyeball kinda tweeter)
Celestion SL600si
Avalon Symbol
Vienna Acoustics Mahler 
Quest for Sound SQ10
??? White van speakers, can't remember the name, $80 a pair
Talon Audio Peregrine X
Fostex backloaded horns (DIY)
Counterpoint Clearfield
KR Audio (limited production specials, no model name)
Avalon Eclipse Classic
Apogee Centaur Major
Ohm Model I
Dynaco A25
Oris Horn 250
Egglestonworks Rosa
Legend Audio Reference Monitors (now known as Von Gaylord ROTL Mk II)
*Nearfield Acoustics Pipedreams 930
*Wilson Watt Puppy 3/2
*Kharma CRM 3.2 FE

Pretty purpose-less, focus-less timeline, I must confess.

Since 1995? 
Wilson Audio WATT3/Puppy2

They still sound incredible.

Just moved to Sabrinas last week. Will move the 3/2s to another room or give them to my son. He's hoping for the later. 

Since 1995?
Wilson Audio WATT3/Puppy2
They still sound incredible.

I can imagine. One of the best speakers I've ever heard. Congratulations!

Dates are Approximate:

Monitor audio MA4, owned for some years by 1995

Dynaudio Audience 50 1998

Living Voice Auditorium 2000

Living Voice Avatar 2003

Acoustic Zen Crescendo 2005

Daedalus Audio DA-Rama 2010

I cam honestly say I enjoyed all of them, but the Daedalus are the cream of the crop and I'm planning to be buried with them.

A modest list.  Still have the ones with an asterisk.

Vandersteen 2c
Alon Petite
Carver True Sub-woofer*
RA Labs mini-monitors*
Ascend Acoustics Sierra 1*
Spendor S3/5*
SVS S1000 subwoofer*
Spatial M1 Turbo*
Spatial X2 Modular*
Staring after my college days--those speakers then were not at all high end. Couldn’t afford much.

Allison Ones 1976-1988
Paradigm 7 1988-1990
Vortex Screens 1991-2007 Von Schweikert’s early effort.

Heard about Audiogon and other sites to buy used.

Emerald Physics CS-2 2006 Didn’t like the veiled highs.
VMPS 626R 2007-2011 First speaker I loved.
added VMPS 215 VSS sub 2007-2010
Asked Brian Cheney it I could become a demonstrator/agent. Did this until his death and the end of VMPS speakers.

VMPS RM40 2011
VMPS RM30 2011-2012
added ACI Maestro sub 2011 The VSS sub spoiled me.
VMPS RM40 BCSE MLS 2012-2014 sold them--big mistake
Green Mountain Audio Continuum 3HX 2013-2017 Rarely used.
Selah Tempesta 2014-2016 Looking for something smaller but good.
bought back same pair of VMPS RM40 BCSE MLS 2015-present
Vapor Audio Joule/Cirrus hybrid 2018-present

Bottom line--I really like the sound of VMPS speakers, but not the size (260 lbs. each).

As a VMPS demo-agent, I had opportunity to own several models and also to trade up to better ones because owners would call me and ask if I was interested. For me, VMPS is tough to beat in sound--the clarity of 40" of ribbon drivers and the authority of the bass.