What is your take on high efficient speakers vs. low efficient speakers?

Consider both designs are done right and your other equipment is well matched with the speakers.  Do you have any preference when it comes to sound quality?  Is it matter of economic decision when it comes to price? - power amps can become very expensive when power goes up, on the other hand large,  efficient speakers are expensive as well.  Is your decision based on room size?  I'd love to hear from you on the subject. 



See chart below:


Sensitivity in dB = 112 + 10 log (efficiency)
 Efficiency = 10(Sensitivity in dB – 112)/10 


Loudspeaker data
Efficiency  Percent  Sensitivity
0.2        20 % 105 dB
0.1        10 % 102 dB
0.05       5 %   99 dB
0.02       2 %   95 dB
0.01       1 %   92 dB
  0.005     0.5 %   89 dB
  0.002     0.2 %   85 dB
  0.001     0.1 %   82 dB


105 dB is very efficient and 82 dB is very inefficient

@blisshifi agreed…

Except aren’t we talking sensitivity?

so 90-94db= “medium sensitivity “ lolololol

this is a great thread! i listen at low/moderate volumes and low powered set amps and high efficient speakers move me the most. 

Unless you are using a class A amp ( The heat of the output tubes or transistors ), there shouldn’t be much of a difference, right? When I had tube mono blocks, I’d swear you could make tomato soup on one and a toasted cheese sandwich on the other.