What kind of power needed for Martin Logans?

This question has been asked in one form or another, but this time I need some specific advice. I listened to a Martin Logan home theater set-up the other day and I'm in love. I am willing to add or change anything to get these speakers into my system. Electronics right now are a B&K Ref-30 pre-pro, Sony 9000ES DVD, and 5ch Acurus 125x5. The Acurus is gone, I know that, but now I have to replace it with something. I have a Bryston 4B-ST that I use for my 2ch system. I can move that over to the home theater and add to it. My home theater room is small, so I will not be buying the gargantuan Martin Logans. A nice set of the smaller ones ($1000-5000 range) will do nicely. So let me have it. Do I go five channel amp? mix and match 2 and 3 channels? monoblocks? Brands? I'd like to keep the amp purchase down to a reasonable number ($2000-$5000). Any advice would be appreaciated, especially from people who are running Martin Logans now. Thanks.
Minimum of 150 watts into 8 ohms. Since these speakers are 4 ohm's the power rating will be almost doubled. I use a 200 watt into my ML SL3's. This gives me almost 400 watts into 4 ohm. I get plenty of power at no where near the half way mark on my pre-amp!! Steve
How audio sensitive are you? I've heard great things about the combination of Sim Audio's W-5 & ML's. ...I'd suspect that Sim's Titan HT amp sounds very similar to the W-5. Its my understanding that the Titan (can be configured 2,3,5,6 or 7 channels). ...Not sure if one can buy channels as needed (upgrade) the other to look at would be CAL. But I'm not sure of the cost there.

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I run a M-L home theater system with CLS IIz in the front and SLs in the rear. I've experimented with several amp setups and now raving about a Cinepro 3KSEiii. Having said that, I also have used a Mesa Baron tube amp (over powered)and McCormack DNA-1 Power Monoblocks for the front and assorted amps for other channels. I believe the present setup is a winner with the Cinepro. Incredible power, yet very revealing. I have heard details in music I've played for over thirty years for the first time.
Hi,Argent. I've heard the Martin Logans, a line I've always liked with the sim moon amps using E.A.R. preamp and the arcan fmj23 cd player.....the moon really likes the logans and is a great match...., I love the lucious Martin-logan midrange...you just forget about equipment and listen....have fun, bluenose
I have had Logans for years and now have the Odyssey - Aerius HT combo - The amps that work best are Innersound (the best match) - Krell and Bryston.