What music do you use to assess your system?

I'm looking for music that will reveal shortcomings or strengths within ones system. Lets list some of our favorite songs that have: good, fluctuating bass lines, songs that have a solid, centerd vocal, songs that are super complex with alot going on, songs that test tone, songs that test inner and micro detail, songs that test how well a speaker can convey dynamic swing, and any other aspects I didn't mention.

Of course I'm not looking for one song that covers all areas, I'm fine with one song only covering one aspect.

When listing songs, please include what we are looking for in that particular song!
Well recorded sound effects are actually very good for assessing systems because most people know what they really sound like.
Years ago as a dealer I would tell people to bring their favorite cd's so they can tell what they are hearing, then I would show them mine.I heard so much good stuff I'd never heard before, and I wanted it all. I made a list as I heard it and went to Audiogon or ebay to get it,I was averaging as many as 100 to 200 cd's a month. Many were hard to get and I've paid as much or more than $50 for a CD on top of having a substantial collection of MFSL and Audiophile masters.

One of my all time emotion favorites for statement systems is Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, that will grab you in a way that will have you crying like a baby. For sheer raw dynamics that builds from soft to hardcore guitars going into a progressively harder drum increase that is mind blowing in a monster system. The dynamics show separation and sound stage even though drums, guitar, and vocals are all out at a 100% full tilt. This might sound crazy, but Men at work is recorded very well and they have a few songs that are incredibly detailed. The band Icehouse has a harder to find CD called Masterfiles, it's mastered recordings, I paid $20.00 for it used but I use songs on it for demo. I also used their Great Southern Land, truly great dynamics.
Lesiem - Mystic Spirit Voices, Huge chorus, opera caliber male and female vocals, epic classic and electric guitar and drums. Think Enigma to a new level. Pure power, depth, and smoothness. They have a woman singing that sounds like Sarah Brightman but it's better. This one is for full range speakers the bigger the better. One of my favorite albums.
Great thread-

the 1st three concept albums of the Rock era;
Moody Blues- Days of future Passed
Beach Boys- Pet Sounds
The Beatles- Sgt Pepper

...for openers...

Happy Listening!