What music do you want to play really loud?

What music do you want to crank up your system for?
I want to know the title and the artist, any type of music.
My choice is The Wall by Pink Floyd.
Eminem, "Cleaning Out My Closet"
The Streets, "Original Pirate Material"
Roger Waters, "Amused To Death"
Miles Davis, "Siesta"
Yello "The Race"
Wendy and Lisa, "My Baby"
Mino Cinelu, "Quest"
Stevie Ray Vaughn, "Tin Pan Alley"
Stevie Ray Vaughn, "Riviera Paradise"
Etta James and Eddy Cleanhead, "The Early Show"
Blondie, "I Want That Man"
Bjork, "I Miss You" (and most cuts off of "Post"
Any Porcupine Tree release!!!

Yeah, I do love to listen to this awesome band very loud, especially the albums The Sky Moves Sideways, Signify, Coma Divine and In Absentia (including the DVD-A version of this later).

hey Albert that's my favorite SRV song
Stevie Ray Vaughn, "Riviera Paradise"
how about Pink Floyd "mother" and "wish you were here"
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It's not want to play...' but 'what...do I play...'

From the cd Tribute to Dead Can Dance - The Lotus Eaters:

Hortus Animae featuring Liv Kristine "Windfall introducing Summoning Of The Muse".
(^ it gets really LOUD when I start E-bowing my guitar)
Imperia (Helena Iren Michaelsen - ex Trail Of Tears) "The Lotus Eaters".

Mission Uk "Spider and the Fly".
Gang Of Four "To Hell With Poverty".
The Cure - Trilogy DVD - Bloodflowers set.
Camouflage "That Smiling Face".
Genesis "Watcher Of The Skies".

there are others...