What new amp for my Merlins

Would like you Merlin people to tell me what you have in the way of an amp for your Merlins. I have the upgrade fever and want a change from my MC 240 & C 22.
Thanks, Jay
The Berning ZH-270 may not be everyone's cupa tea but it's neutral and remains so on whatever speaker, it was designed to be extremely reliable (Not one has failed), easy maintenance (decades on tubes, cool running), light weight (10lbs), environmentally friendly (Power smart) and accurate.
It also has a high resale value and is currently used by two well known European speaker manufacturers to design their speakers and they having 3 or 4 speakers on the current Stereophile Class A recommend components.
I have just ordered a set of the VSM MM TODAY!(6 weeks and counting).

I have also just purchased a pair of Antique Sound Lab Hurricanes and will be using a CJ PV15

Your opinions on this match would be appreciated.
I have been enjoying the new Gran Filarmonia (60w) last month with my speakers and sounds pretty good...

Has anybody some feedback from this integrated?
where do you live?
this is a rare piece here in the usa.
pretty good? is that an understatement?
Were do you live?
this is a rare piece here in the usa.

Pojuojuo lives in Spain, home of Ars Sonum. I've listened to the less powerful Filarmonia and liked it very much. I hear that the Gran Filarmonia is a significant step up.