What new amp for my Merlins

Would like you Merlin people to tell me what you have in the way of an amp for your Merlins. I have the upgrade fever and want a change from my MC 240 & C 22.
Thanks, Jay
Were do you live?
this is a rare piece here in the usa.

Pojuojuo lives in Spain, home of Ars Sonum. I've listened to the less powerful Filarmonia and liked it very much. I hear that the Gran Filarmonia is a significant step up.
yes it is, in bandwidth, expanse and just plain authenticity of sound. copper foil v caps were used and 45 watts class a.
which fila did you hear the se? the sj sounds more like a gran. both direct coupled now.
merry christmas.
Bobby, Brf is right, I live in Spain. As contributing editor of Hifilive eMagazine I have had the Gran Filarmonia one month and I was very satisfied with his sonic results in my system.

The main reason of my post was I would like get some feedback from others, as I wrote in the review I have heard the standard Filarmonia (A, Se and Sxj) with your Merlins (Tsm and Vsm models) always with amazing results.
Hm... I also wrote it, if you have some time you can check the magazine.

Sovereign or Aaron would be my pick.Check out the website and trust in German engineering.I did and am in SS heaven,cheers,B