What new amp for my Merlins

I asked this question about 6mo ago. A lot of you told me to get the X upgrade first, I did and what a great improvement. So now I ask the same question again.
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Although Bobby says that the MA-1s are the way to go, if you cannot go that high, consider Atma M-60s, but only if you can go balanced out to the amps. Otherwise, Joule Electra or Berning. If you are in the northeast, you are welcome to come to CT and hear the M-60s and VZN-80.

I ordered the Filarmonia last March and expect to be getting it soon. Have TSM-MX's w/TG Audio speaker cables. I'm getting anxious about the new integrated. Have heard so many good things about it.
I am using an ARS filharmonia on my VSM-Mxe's and it is a wonderful amplifier.

It doesn't run out of steam like the Joule Stargates do and the little amplifer is built like a tank. There is no remote control, and the tubes do tend to put out a good bit of heat, but the sound is glorious and full with outstanding resolution and an incredible soundstage. The amplifier doesn't sound tubey in terms of a diffuse bass or rolled off high end, but does offer the microdynamics and air of tubes with a palpable midrange. It really is made for the Merlins.

My only criticism would be the lack of preamp outputs and remote control, but the trade off is worth it for world class sound.

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