What new amp for my Merlins

I asked this question about 6mo ago. A lot of you told me to get the X upgrade first, I did and what a great improvement. So now I ask the same question again.
The reason for the delay was that they were in the process of moving their production site. I believe everything is back on line now.

I am interested in the heat issue as well. The amp could go on the top of my 3 shelf rack, but it would be nice to be able to place it below if I switch my source to a top loading cdp.

I run Cary 805 mono blocks in my 15 x 18 x 8 room with absolutely breath taking results. Highly recommended.
It could fit on the bottom but I have my 5 channel amplifier in there. In addition, I have 6 and 8 year old children and I'm afraid they may hurt my tubes.

It does put out heat, but every tube amplifier does. I had a 50 watt deHavilland SET that put out twice as much heat, and a RAM Labs labs amplifier that put out about the same amount. I've also had VTL MB450's that put out a lot more heat, and the VTL tiny triodes that put out a little less. I guess its all relative, but the ARS puts out more heat than most solid state unless it is biased into class A.

I'm sure they sound great, but I can't get past the looks of the 6packs(or Atmasphere for that matter).

Could you post a pic of your set-up?