What news in 2023 struck you?


It seems the audio press seems to have no end of press releases to hype, but I'm curious looking back for the year what news regarding the audio industry has most struck you?

For instance, the sale of ARC, and Roon, and B&W (or was that last year) seemed pretty significant.  Class D amps with GaN transistors created a lot of buzz and claims of Class D finally reaching it's promised potential.  Textreme drivers have appeared here and there, as has the Purifi woofer...

I also recall a Monitor Audio prototype that struck me as really innovative. 

What else has stuck in your mind longer than ten minutes this year?


How about this one. "Unbelievable amount of hate towards MQA by people who don't use it and were never forced to do so...even after it was abandoned ". Maybe that ridiculously stupid trend will last into 2024.

I always thought the "hate" towards MQA, was related to the perception that they wanted everything to become MQA only, and force all to listen to and pay for MQA...