What other brands do mbl fans like

Are there options for those who like the mbl sound but can't afford all the electronics necessary to make the speakers sing.
I am interested in the 116, any suggestions.
Gallo Reference MKII. You don't need mega amps to drive them either. It would be hard for me to give up omni speakers for anything else. Soundstage is HUGE!
Take a listen to Duevel which also have a 360 radiation pattern and good cohesive balance . Impedance is 6 ohms and sensitivity 91 db for the Bella Luna Diamante at 12 k .
Mirage OMD-28. I have its little brother, the OMD-15 and couldn't be happier. Fills the room with no suckouts, bright spots, venitian blinding, or boominess.

Mirage has painstakingly engineered these to throw a dispersion pattern and interact with the room on average the way instruments and voices radiate their sound patterns. Rather than being a cylindrical omni pattern like the MBLs, they skew the image about 30% to the front and radiate more like a tilted mushroom pattern.

It works! I had live musicians in my living room when I got married and the OMD series fills the room in very much the same way. Yet, they image well, are surprisingly resolving, and have excellent bass. The OMD-28s are spec'd down to about 26 Hz. I'm inclined to believe it because I'm definitely getting the 32Hz promised on the OMD-15s.

The treble is also quite detailed, yet very smooth, and midrange is clear and transparent, but fully fleshed out.