What other hobby or hobbies do you have?

For me, besides Audio/Video stuff, I'm into Soccer...

Audio/Video and Soccer are the two big ones for me...

I play soccer every Sunday, and follow European soccer, DC United(Major League Soccer), internatioanl soccer, etc...
Photography, another hobby where equipment and art are intimately intertwined. Hobbies where my passion has faded with age but where I still have a small flame burning: reading science fiction, playing chess, and playing table tennis.
Mountains biking, white water kayaking, cooking/grilling, and drink mixology. No time any more for the other interests.
Photography (nature, wildlife, undersea, travel, etc), scuba diving, white water canoeing, hiking, world travel, and Bush bashing.
porno, harley davidson motorcycles, hifi, collecting music, selling gear & autographs.

Doing fun things with my children/family. I know most audiophiles have this phobia of kids around their equipment but my two boys have never bothered my tube amp or any part of my set-up. I also love tennis, archery, and yes, cognac.