What other obsessions do you have?

It's obvious that many of the people here have gone off the deep end (yes I include myself) with equipment and music purchases.

The question is what other obsessions do you have, or what else are you really into?

I was getting carried away with Martial Arts before an injury sidelined me, I would rather ride my motorcycle than drive, and I spend way too much time on the computer (most of it on AudiogoN). If I had the money I would have a bigger and better collection of wine. Other than that I'm perfectly sane! NO really!!!
Three horses, four dogs, two children under 7 and a barn cat; I'm afraid I just don't have time.......
I collect postcards, concert posters (60s, 70s, 80s, etc), LPs, movie posters, ephermera of all sorts, antique glass, have one appearance on 'The Antiques Roadshow', but it's the music that keeps me together.
spending time with my wife; watching my kids play sports: football, soccer, wrestling, track; mountain biking (for my zen moments), surfing the web, renting dvd's, and of course, that never ending 'honey do' list of home improvement projects like new windows, finish the basement, finish the attic, landscape, and on, and on...
(1) Developing abrasions, stress fractures, and tweaked tendons while rock climbing.
(2) Smashing fingers, achieving hypothermia and getting hit on the head with large blocks of ice while ice climbing.
(3) Developing foot cramps and soft tissue injuries while downhill skiing.
(4) Eating mud, impaling myself on sharp branches, and bouncing off rocks while endoing on my mountain bike.
(5) Getting slapped while chasing women.
(6) Getting happy on single malt scotch after (5).