What Patty Smith album to own?

New to Patty, and want to get a couple of albums. What album does every Patty Smith fan have? Or should have? thanks in advance. peace, warren
Sorry to divert from the topic, but was FEAR, the (#%&*!!! AMAZING!!) punk band w/ Lee Ving her (Candy Slice's) back up band?
"Damn it, Mick. With your hair so long and your lips so thick. Damn it, Mick."
I've followed Patti since I first saw her perform in Central Park NYC in 1975. I've got everyone of her LP's & CD's. She's amazing.

Horses and Easter are all time favorites, but each LP is different, and good in their own right, from Horses, Radio Ethiopa, through to Trampin of today. Another of my favorites, of more recent vintage is Dream of Life.

Here is a great link to her lyrics:


The book "Patti Smith" is a good one for those into Patti.
Got Horses. First listen was a little difficult for me. The first cut, Gloria, started me off on the wrong track. Horses was better the second listen. Patti Smith is like uni, I suppose. Takes a while to acquire a taste. Hey, I love uni, now. I'll keep at it. Easter is on the way..
Warren, what is "uni" ???

I like Patti even though i don't agree with her politics. Then again, it would seem that her point of view on God and "religion" have changed over the years, so who's to say that she'll remain where she's at politically. Maybe the drugs are finally wearing off.... Sean