What percentage of audiophiles use a sub ?

Since joining the site I have noticed that a lot of you don't actually use a subwoofer. I was pretty surprised by this as I could never listen to any music without some good low-end, so, curious how many do and how many don't and if not, why.
Four modest active subs realistically integrated with four standmounted Para. Signature 40's. Sensible application is required for the music to be reproduced as the artist intended it to be heard, subs do not necessarily need to be driven to the level you encounter with one of "those" cars at the stop light.

As to the above comment concerning bass being a recent discovery, I think I'll go & listen to Toccata/Fugue/D- (with and without subs) as I ponder that statement.

Who was it who said: "If less is more, think about how much more more would be." ((;^))?
I think it was the same guy who said "Too much of a good thing is never enough."
I have used a sub for years with my bookshelf speakers. Recently, when I switched to floorstanding speakers, I tried setting them up without the sub. I was never able to achieve the quality of bass in my listening room that the sub provided. So I added the sub back to the system.

My use of a sub is not because I like things that go "boom." In fact, the hallmark of a well integrated subwoofer, IMO, is that you cannot hear it until it is turned off. That level of integration is difficult to achieve. In my case, it required a long effort with digital room correction, EQ software, and a good microphone. But the results were worth the effort.

One benefit of using a sub that I don't think has been mentioned so far is that it can significantly improve the perceived macrodynamics (i.e. headroom) of your main speakers. I have found this to be true with both bookshelf and floorstanding speakers.
I own a sub, and use it when watching movies......not when listening to music though.