what percentage of us really knows sound

Hi,been in audio preatty much all my live,play a few instruments myself, and it is chocking to me how many people in this hobbie, because they have a few Hi end gear
think that they can discern sonic diferences,or that their system sounds amazing, when 80% of time when I' listen to those fellows system, the sound is horrible, I'm talking about systems in the upper $50000, and this people come out, talking about soundstage, inner detail, and layers of sound cascading thru a huge soundscape, another thing is that, I'thought all this audiophile people where a group of well to do business people, that had money to speare,
when the truth is that most of audiophile people are broked
and dont' have their priorities toghether, been at many many, audiophile people's house, and it is sad, people with, high end systems, and no furniture,just bought a pair of speakers, $11000 retail and an Aiwa,component has more BASS THAN this speakers, affter spending more than $2500, on cables,think someone is taking advantage of the audiophile community
I believe we place different priorities on sound. Also, some people find certain inaccuracies more offensive than others.

For example, I find exaggerated image size to be particularly offensive. It is a sensitivity. I also don't like an image that is too forward. And yet, others want to listen to the music as though they are a few feet from the stage. To me, it is like I am sitting inside the saxophone or piano. For others, they feel like they are in an intimate venue. Different perspectives, but I think particular sensitivities can result in an immediate rejection because you cannot suspend belief to know you are not in front of 2 speakers.

Another problem is the severe lack of criticism in audio. I would pay for someone to come to my home to tell me what is wrong with my system. I want to learn and have different perspectives so I can increase my enjoyment. And yet, everyone fawns over every last piece of audio equipment. What if we spent so much time complementing our wives and children? I would love for a reviewer to dispense with a piece of equipment as garbage or poor value. It seems that people are way too easily offended. People get very defensive and territorial when it comes to their equipment.

Juancgenao: Will not comment as to the musical ability of audiophiles in general or stereotype (pun intended) audiophiles as far as income bracket. What I will share is an experience that I had when looking for speakers. After listening to a pair of what I considered horrible sounding overpriced speakers, and to the salesman talking about some of his other items on the floor, including a "25k" amplifier that sounded like "bliss", and generally talking in 10s of thousands of $$$, he inquired if I was expecting a large tax refund and stated that financing was available. I found this not only odd, but illuminating. This supports your statement to the extent that there is a market for people who are seeking to purchase what are essentially luxury items well beyond their means. The salesman's pitch had the flavor of "be important - get status, buy expensive stuff (or expensive garbage in that case)" I doubt that this is limited to audiophiles - look at the mortgage crisis - it wasn't all "bad big business" somebody had to be on the "got taken" end of the deal. All purchasers of high end equipment of any sort should first consult a psychic - but pick only one who has a crystal ball with silver speckles rather than copper and, if you are getting your palm read, cyrogenic paint.
Rtn1, great point. I would love to see more criticism in audio reviews. Not to mention "straight-shooters."
Not only is Juancgenao brave, he's smarter than almost everyone else in the *whole world*. Thanks for sharing! I hadn't heard, and I think it's pretty cool. John
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